Hand Carved Memorial Pet Stone Personalised Pebble Grave Marker Tribute Keepsake Fur Friends Many Designs

Introducing our Lovely Natural Pebbles Deep Engraved with your Pets' name. These exquisite pebbles, approx 8cm - 12cm serve as a heartfelt tribute to your beloved companions and are handcrafted with care, each pebble has a lasting engraving of your pet's name, ensuring a timeless keepsake that will warm your heart.

We offer a variety of designs for you to choose from (photo shows all designs), allowing you to select the perfect symbol to honour your cherished friend. Whether it's a paw print, a delicate outline, or a tender heart, there's a design that perfectly captures your special bond. Let us know the design and the name required.

 Placing one of these pebbles in a significant spot or creating a memorial garden can bring solace and a sense of peace to your grieving heart.  Let their spirit be celebrated and kept close, adding a touch of beauty to any space.

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